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As a Dorchester resident for 30+ years, Stan has a knowledge and passion for the Dorchester community. He has a strong background in nonprofits, and has worked in Public Health for over 15 years, where he founded a fatherhood program that continues to help men from low to no income families take part in their child’s life. For the past ten years, Mr. McLaren was the Director of Finance and Operations for an independent school located in the Grove Hall area. He also worked with a variety of Boston non-profits as an accounting consultant. As a previous HSNHC board member, he served in the rolls of Treasurer and then Chairperson. During his tenure on the HSNHC Board, he spearheaded the turnaround of a then struggling Health Center. Stan is a warm and engaging leader who is eager to step into the role of CEO and continue to grow the Health Center.
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President & CEO
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